As a graduate nurse now in a whole new world that he or she hopes to conquer, getting ahead of the competition is vital. To get a listening ear from potential employers in the form of an interview, you would need to prove to the recruiting team that you are thy best fit for the job. Absent obtaining favors to interview for a job position, new graduate nurses would need to turn in a resume for interviews.

A new graduate nurse resume is often the first and only chance one gets to communicate with recruiters. To ensure you put your best foot forward and get called up for an interview, you need to live a lasting impression on recruiters. To achieve this, you have to write a quality and eye-catching new nurse graduate resume.

Writing a quality new graduate nurse resume isn’t as easy as it might sound. Many fail to understand this and fall short of writing quality resumes that get the job done. In this write-up, you are provided with information on how to piece together an excellent resume nurse graduate and bag yourself an audience for your dream job.

Qualities of an Excellent New Nurse Graduate Resume

These are the required headings serve as the structure of your nursing rẹ and the essential information to be included under these necessary headings. They include the following:


This is a heading that states the summary of your skills. A recruiting team often have piles of resumes to burrow through and are likely to spend little time examining a resume. Therefore the summary might be your only chance to capture their attention. You have to make your summary as brief and concise as possible. So writing long paragraphs are off the table, rather make use of attention grabbers such as bullet point.  

Ensure your points don’t go beyond 2 lines and should indicate your status as a new graduate nurse. Highlight your special skill set, such as additional languages, computing literacy, etc. It could also include your objective as well if you plan on adding one to your resume. Highlighting your clinical rotations is also a welcomed idea to add under the summary heading.

Certifications and Licenses 

Under this ending is where a detailed list of your obtained certifications and licenses would appear. The details to be included for each includes the following:

  • The complete name of licenses, certifications, and their issuing bodies.
  • Their dates of expiration
  • Their identification numbers if listed


This is the heading where you provide information on your educational background. The information provided here must strictly be relevant to your nursing degree, so including high school information is off the table. Details to be included on your list of attended institutions include the following:

  • The complete formal name of listed educational institutions
  • The complete location details
  • The time details
  • The details of the program completed
  • The CGPA obtained if excellent

Other information that can be included under this heading includes educational achievements and scores in specific and relevant courses or exams.

Clinical Rotations

This is often a prerequisite for nursing resumes that recruiters look out for when screening applicants. The following information is expected to appear under this heading.

  • The level of experience gained
  • Dates of commencement and conclusion
  • Total work duration
  • Complete name of medical institution
  • Location details
  • Assigned department or unit (state the formal and recognized unit type)

Optional Headings to Include in Your Resume for New Graduate Nurse Placements

The following headings are left to your discretion, they are not essential to a resume for a new graduate nurse. Some of these headings can appear within any of the four essential headings or may be omitted altogether. These headings include the following:


Here you provide a list of the dialects you can communicate with under this heading.

List of Expertise 

List out the specific skills you possess that are relevant to health care in this section.


For individuals who have numerous nursing-related achievements, then creating a heading for them on your new nurse graduate resume is in order.


If you belong to a relevant nursing affiliate program, then proceed to include the association in your resume for a nurse graduate placement.

Prior work experiences

List out any previous work experience in medical institutions and your performance in these institutions. Add references to increase credibility and verification. It’s better to avoid listing work experiences with low durations as they give off an impression of instability to recruiters.

Charitable Services

Include any charitable activities you have performed in the past that relates to health care in this section.

Add the essential facts to your resume while ensuring to maintain relevant information are not left out with the resume tips. This will help increase your chances of bagging that interview for that nursing residence or medical job in no time.

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